6 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

February 7, 2018 Frugaa Blog


Imagine a situation like this… You and your best friend along with her boyfriend happen to meet up all of a sudden. You guys interact and exchange questions like what’s up? How have you been? etc. And in the midst of all these interrogation pops a question from your friend’s end as in what are your plans for this Valentine’s Day? Oops! There you go. Your smiling face and facial expressions changes all of a sudden and you begin to think of excuses to avoid answeri... Read More

6 Social Media Trends To Prepare For In 2018

January 16, 2018 Uncategorized


2017, and the years prior to it have seen a ballooned growth in experiments carried out through social media campaigns. A sharp example would be the character widening of Twitter from 140 to 280; that’s twice the amount of emotion one can now vent out. Other juggernauts in the youth category which include the likes of Snapchat and Instagram see no downfall in their individual NUPM (new users per month) rates. And clinging to this cluster of apps are the instant messagi... Read More

7 Extraordinary Ways to Make Christmas Memorable

December 8, 2017 Frugaa Blog


Christmas is a wonderful time of year where families and individuals can get together with loved ones and enjoy spending quality time together. For most people, this is a time of year that is not only very special but also very memorable, as people tend to go to places and do things that they don’t get to do at other times of the year. If you want to make your Christmas even more memorable, there are a number of ways in which you can do this. Taking steps to make Ch... Read More

Top 10 Intriguing Black Friday Facts

November 17, 2017 Frugaa Blog


The ultimate sale of the shopping season comes but once a year and it just happens to be Black Friday. You may not have realized this but around 12% of Americans admit that they do their Black Friday shop completely drunk, but then again… that’s probably not too much of a surprise to you considering Thanksgiving is a day of indulgence and the sales kick off at midnight. Of course, this may also explain why the presents you open on Christmas Day are sub-par. There ... Read More

Creative Halloween Party Themes for Kids

October 5, 2017 Frugaa Blog


It was all going well at the party, until a long howl from the near vicinity broke the amusement and a sudden shriek from the basement floor created chaos in the gathering. Nobody could make out the real culprit as ghostly masks hid the faces of the attendees. Well, anybody can play a prank like this to make the Halloween season a bit more Halloween-ey. But, the approach should be a bit subtler when it comes to creating themes for an all-kids Halloween party. Even tho... Read More

6 Successful Women Who Are Married Too

September 15, 2017 Frugaa Blog


Success has nothing to do with marriage, but failure surely does! Many women who may have failed in shaping their careers would come up with a common excuse and that is MARRIAGE! Going a family way has hindered the growth of many talented females across the world and that is the reason why marriage is considered to be a taboo by the ambitious women. Whether you are using your marriage as an excuse for failure or you are the one who is scared of tying the knot just... Read More

Simple & Lip-Smacking Lunch Recipes to Try at Home

August 8, 2017 Frugaa Blog


Home cooking is a fantastic way to have a good time, enjoying healthier and tastier foods. But it’s not always easy to get started and the idea of cooking a meal from start to finish can seem rather daunting. To help you make the most of your home cooking adventurous, we’ve selected some of the easiest and tastiest lunch recipes you can try at home. Mozzarella Grilled Cheese Sandwich with a Twist Grilled cheese sandwich is a tasty lunch option and it won... Read More

Must Follow Tips On Your First Road Trip

July 17, 2017 Frugaa Blog


There’s no better way to explore this wonderful country, than heading out straight on a road trip. If you want to see the best of what the different regions have to offer, then hitting the road will help you achieve just that. You shouldn’t approach your road trip without some extra care and attention, especially if you are heading out for your first road trip. To help you make the most of it, keep these tips in mind. Prepare, but be flexible Firstly, it... Read More

4th Of July – Budget Friendly Party Guide

June 30, 2017 Frugaa Blog


July 4th is only a few days away and many people will be looking forward to hosting parties, getting together with family, and having fun. A great way to celebrate with loved ones is with a party at home, which enables you to get together and enjoy the day without spending a fortune. One thing you need to settle on is the best place to have the party. Although you could have it indoors, it seems lifeless because you will miss out on the variety of firework displays th... Read More

6 Best Open World Games Worth Playing

June 24, 2017 Frugaa Blog


Open world games are video games that allow users to virtually roam free and do not have a linear structure. Thus open world games are more appealing as compared to other games as they let the user create characters of choice in a simulated environment and direct its behaviour. Open world games allow players to be lost in an alternate reality and the best games make the present world seem minuscule. From overtaking an entire planet to thieving without repercussions, open... Read More

7 Simple Ways To Make Father’s Day Memorable

June 13, 2017 Frugaa Blog


With Father’s Day just around the corner, many of us will be putting our thinking caps on so that we can find the best way to celebrate. This is a great time to get the family together so that dads can enjoy a fun, memorable, day with their loved ones. You also need to plan what you are going to get as a gift, so this means putting your heads together to determine what you think your dad would like. If you want to make Father’s Day as memorable as possible for you... Read More

Top 5 Online Payment Services For Your Business

May 11, 2017 Frugaa Blog


Over the past two decades, PayPal has become hugely popular as an online payments system and is used by both businesses and individuals around the world. PayPal allows users to make and receive payments, create invoices, make bill payments or pay for purchases made online, and more. Guaranteed transaction security and safety has made this payments system even more popular. In fact, PayPal is the first provider that springs to mind when the words online payment system are... Read More

5 Uniquely Amazing Ways To Celebrate Easter This Year

April 1, 2017 Frugaa Blog


You know spring is just around the corner when the chocolate eggs hit the stores. The sign lets us know it’s time to start planning for our Easter celebrations. This year, you can add a bit more fun to your Easter festivities with these interesting and creative ideas. Celebrate With Global Traditions Easter is a holiday celebrated in a number of countries around the world. But the traditions and ways we celebrate are rather unique. Make this East... Read More

Popular Ice Cream Parlors Across the USA

March 16, 2017 Frugaa Blog


Ice cream is the perfect for dessert for hot summer days. It’s also a great dessert to eat during a date night and a visit to a fancy ice cream parlor would be a great idea for Valentine’s Day. There are also plenty of places where ice cream is not just a scoop of your chosen flavor, but your bowl of ice cream is a work of art. So, where do you go if you want to experience ice cream like never before? Here are some of the country’s most popular ice cream parlors. ... Read More

Jewelry Gifts This Valentine’s For Your Girl

February 9, 2017 Frugaa Blog


Man  keeps his girlfriend eyes covered while  she giving a gift
The time is almost up boys! No more procrastinating about your Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend or your better half. It’s time to pick a beautiful jewelry gift, so that you put a precious smile on her diamond worthy face this year. We’ve gathered a selection of the best jewelry gifts for this years Valentine’s Day. The selection features plenty of styles and price ranges to ensure you find something really amazing, beautiful affordable to gift her this y... Read More

Valentine’s Day Gadget Gift Ideas For Him

February 3, 2017 Frugaa Blog


Tech gifts are always a great gift for that special man in your life. They also make great Valentine’s Day gifts and we’ve rounded up some of the best for the season. So, if you are looking for a gadget worthy for your lover and you want to find something affordable then check out these ideas. Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker Does your loved one have trouble finding his smartphone or other such gadgets in the morning? Make his day a bit less chaotic... Read More

Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts

January 24, 2017 Frugaa Blog


Love is in the air as February is getting closer. If you are still recovering from the spending spree of the holiday season, Valentine’s Day might seem like a bad nightmare heading your way. But don’t worry; we’ve rounded up 15 stunning Valentine’s Day gifts that won’t break the bank, yet will guarantee a put a smile on your partner’s face and get them all loved up. West Emory Glass Jewelry Jar For the special lady in your life, the West ... Read More

Best Sleepwear For Grown-Ups

January 19, 2017 Frugaa Blog


Although we are moving closer to spring and summer, we still need to endure winter nights for quite a while. Luckily, you can make the cold nights a bit more bearable by wearing the right sleepwear. If you are looking for something warm and comfortable to snuggle in with, here are some affordable ideas for both men and women. The suggestions include some of the best trends of the season, as well as great discount products to ensure your wallet also doesn’t end up in th... Read More

Social Media’s Benefits For Education In Schools

January 11, 2017 Frugaa Blog


School and technology are two concepts that some might not see them as a proper combination. Social media have received many criticisms and in many cases, it has been seen as a negative influence on the young generation. However, social media could be a beneficial environment for students if they are correctly educated and supported. The basic requirement for keeping children and young people safe online is to ensure that they receive proper education on how to use the t... Read More

Money Saving Hacks For Your Most Awaited Trip

January 3, 2017 Frugaa Blog


The moment to forget about your worries, negative thoughts and burdens you may carry and discover the magnificence of nature and its beauty to discover the splendor, the song and the fragrance of each place separately. However the process of planning your trip can worry you when you think of all the expenses that come with it like flight, accommodation, transport means, etc. However, traveling might not be as expensive as we all got used to believing. There are certain o... Read More

Top 9 New Year Resolutions To Keep

December 27, 2016 Frugaa Blog, Uncategorized


New Year's Resolutions
The list of New Year resolutions has become one of the most popular traditions and perhaps the one we want most to accomplish. From year to year our wishes or plans may change, but the passion, hope and determination that we carry in our souls remains the same. 2017 is near and it is time to reflect on the changes we want or we need to do and challenge them again for the coming year. It might not be easy, but it is worth defining and trying to take yourself to a new per... Read More

8 Indulgent Desserts To Have This Christmas

December 24, 2016 Uncategorized


Family preparing christmas gingerbread in the kitchen
Christmas is the perfect time for indulging into all the traditional puddings and various other festive desserts. The festive holiday is all about spending time with your loved ones and enjoying tasty treats. There’s nothing better than relaxing by the fire, chatting with your family over a nice cup of rich hot chocolate and a decadent cake slice. But when there are so many great dessert recipes around, which are the must-haves for this year? Here are some of our favor... Read More

Stay-At-Home Fun Christmas Activities

December 21, 2016 Frugaa Blog


Christmas is a busy time of year, with many people traveling to spend time with their loved ones or to simply get out of the stresses of organizing a massive Christmas party. But plenty of people spend Christmas at home and after spending a lot of money on Christmas presents and foods, you might be looking for inexpensive things to do. If you are staying home this Christmas, here are a list of fun activities you can do without breaking the budget. Gingerbread House... Read More

Exclusive Winter Handbag Trends 2016

December 14, 2016 Frugaa Blog


Women simply adore handbags! You can hardly see a woman without a handbag regardless of the occasion. Handbags offer the opportunity to carry all the necessary daily items (and more) in a fashion way. However, women are even more excited when wearing XXL bags as they can carry a variety of things to work, collage/university, trips, etc. Whether you are looking for a handbag to match an elegant/casual outfit or shoes, there are loads of brands like Givenchy, Marc Jaco... Read More

Celebrate Christmas With Amazing Home Décor Ideas

December 5, 2016 Frugaa Blog


Christmas is nearly here with all its love, gifts, parties, family reunions and so much more! It is absolutely the loveliest, holiest and most perfect moment of the year to share memories and laughter, but it can also be the craziest moment of the month when you don’t know what is the best way to decorate the house for your family and guests. Since time is precious and there is not much time left until Christmas, we thought to create a list with home decorations ide... Read More

10 Best Places In The World To Celebrate New Year’s Eve

November 28, 2016 Frugaa Blog


New Year’s Eve is the ultimate party day. It’s the perfect occasion to celebrate your past achievements and toast to the new ones you’ll be making soon. The day is about dancing, drinking, eating and enjoying fireworks. If you want to experience a New Year like no other, then check out the 10 best places in the world for welcoming new opportunities. Also don't forget to make all your bookings and arrangements prior so that your you can spend your evening without an... Read More

Achieving Success With Your Black Friday Shopping

November 24, 2016 Frugaa Blog


Black Friday is approaching like a bullet train and it’s time to start preparing yourself for the biggest shopping event of the year. The shopping extravaganza is not for the faint-hearted and if you want to turn your discount shopping into a success story, you need to pay attention to the tips below. Know What You’re Getting It’s rather easy to lose sight during Black Friday. Everywhere you go, you can see huge savings and luring deals. But do you act... Read More

Delicious Cookies For Spreading Thanksgiving Happiness

November 17, 2016 Frugaa Blog


The holidays are a wonderful time for baking and sharing traditional chicken recipes with family and friends. Trading family recipes from every culture is a great way to keep things interesting in terms of your holiday baking. All of these recipes have been tested enough & loved by all generations, which works in any ovens & easy to make by anyone from the family. Spreading happiness with sweetness is an amazing feeling ever. So get ready for sharing delicious surprises ... Read More

Common Dieting Mistakes To Avoid Weight Loss

November 12, 2016 Frugaa Blog


When you are starting out a healthier lifestyle, you seek information from the professionals. Fitness enthusiasts and gurus are immersed in the world of health and nutrition, making it easy to assume the dieting tips they give are facts. But in fact, even the smartest of people can make diet mistakes, which could stall your weight loss. Organic Food Will Boost Weight Loss Organic food has been on the rise and people are starting to be more conscious ... Read More

The Lowdown On Google’s Pixel Phone

November 3, 2016 Frugaa Blog


Just when you thought Google might be releasing its grip on that whole quest for world domination thing, the Internet giant has produced its first smartphone. As you might expect from a google product it seems to be attracting admiring glances from those looking for an impressive iPhone alternative. This is remarkably good timing for Google with Samsung currently experiencing difficulties. The Pixel phone certainly seems to have made an impact. Of course, google has... Read More