5 ways to increase your productivity

May 18, 2020 Frugaa Blog


Making the most of your time and being productive is something that many of us struggle with. Those who are successful at tackling this problem are better at their craft and managing their time overall. Each one of us has the same amount of time as the other, so what you do in those hours is conducive to how efficiently you perform each task and remain productive. In a busy paced world, finding the right motivation seldom comes easy, but this doesn’t mean that it’s out of reach. In this post, we will tell you the five ways you can increase your productivity:

1. “Eat the frog”:

Not literally, though. This is what Mark Twain once said and holds the truth till date. The “Eat the Frog” technique means tackling the most crucial task in hand and completing the same before anything else. Many times we tend to procrastinate on the things that we find the hardest and keep it aside to do them later. This is what leads to a waste of time in the first place. The key to achieving productivity and success is always to tackle the major things first. If you discipline yourself to begin with the hardest or the most challenging thing on your list first, you pave the way to complete the other tasks in hand in a more relaxed manner. Thus, ensuring that you stay true to your goal and be productive while doing so. Aid yourself on the path to growth and productivity with the help of self help books on Abebooks.com.


2. Plan your day in advance:

This is something that many of us ignore and fail to do so. Planning your day in advance is an essential part of staying productive. By planning, you set a tone already for how your day is supposed to be, and you shall seldom deviate from that plan until there comes some distraction or a change in plans. Make a to-do plan for the day when you get up in the morning or do that a night before you go to bed. This way, you will have a head start to completing your tasks the next morning. Also, always ensure that you push your boundaries and, at the same time, set realistic goals for yourself. Unrealistic goals would only cause disappointment of you not completing them when the time comes.


3. Track the time you are spending on different tasks:

If you wish to increase your productivity, it is essential that you have a plan made up and that you allot a specific number of minutes or hours for completing them. This way, you set deadlines for yourself, and also gauge the time you spend on other activities, say social media, breaks, etc. A survey found that only 17 percent of people can accurately estimate the time they would take to complete an action. To be productive, you can make use of different tools at your disposal right from the calendar on your smartphone and mails to other simpler things. If you head to the play store, you can even find apps that keep track of all your activity on the phone. If you are looking to get some in apps purchase discounts at a great price, make sure to use Groupon discounts on Hotsavings.co.uk.


4. Get enough sleep:

This goes on without saying that not getting enough sleep majorly affects our concentration, working memory, and logical reasoning. The prefrontal cortex of our brain remains pretty susceptible to a lack of sleep. Even one night of sleep deprivation can hurt your productivity. So, ensure that you have a healthy sleep cycle. Keep your room dark and quiet, and also don’t indulge in phones or tablets before sleeping. An adult’s body efficiently requires 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Ensure that you get your minimum fix daily.

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5. Exercise:

There are many studies that prove that physical activity has a direct effect on your brain functions. Getting proper exercise helps improve a variety of things including improved concentration, faster and easier learning as well as creativity. Pick a good time for yourself in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings when you can exercise. A study conducted by a major university in Australia even found that 65% of people who tend to use their work gyms were far productive and effective at getting work done. This, in comparison to people who hardly or rarely take the time to indulge in physical exercise.


So, there we have the 5 best way with which you can increase your productivity. Take care of yourself. Your first step to productivity starts at that.