Top 6 Destinations for Windsurfing Around The World

November 22, 2019 Frugaa Blog


Looking to make the best of your vacations this time of the year? This time around, skip the usual destinations and try out something new. Whoever had fun being mediocre, eh? Windsurfing is a new fad that has caught amongst millennials, and like the concept of kitesurfing, this involves two essential things, i.e., wind and water. And even if it may look like a lot of hard work, this is a sport that can be learned and picked up quickly. In this post, we will tell you about the top 6 destinations you should head to if you wish to windsurf:

1. Greek Islands:

Greece may be famous as a romantic destination, but there is more to it than sandy beaches and architecture. Not many may know this, but Greece is also a trendy place to windsurf, and the best way to go about is to go island hopping, of course. If you are looking for a place, in particular, to head here, then Naxos should be at the top of your list. The location is blessed with the might of the local Aegean winds, commonly known as Meltemi. A little closer than Naxos is the island of Paros, which over the years, has been a host to the Professional Windsurfers Association World Cup. A place where every pro windsurfer from around the world comes to let loose and compete every year.

What better way to enjoy than heading to a windsurfer’s paradise itself?

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 2. Hawaii:

If you remember the movie Moana, then you will surely recognize this place. Maui happens to be one of the most beautiful places in Hawaii to chill, relax, and windsurf. The location is also known as windsurfing Mecca amongst sailors. It’s also the place where a staggering amount of windsurfing photoshoot takes place every year, all thanks to the picturesque surrounding of the turquoise blue waters and white sands. Amongst the pros, Ho’okipa beach remains quite famous due to the natural tides. The most probable destination after Mauii remains the Spreckersville beach known for its easy-going waves. And once you are done with the sun and streams, there are a plethora of other activities to go for here, including ziplining, hiking, and cycling. Traveling in comfort is all that everyone seeks. Now get travel accessories that would ease your life at 123inkcratridges at up to 50% discounts.

 3. Spain:

Windsurfing is not a new thing for Spanish folks. This was introduced way back in the ’80s here and since then has attracted people worldwide. The reason for its immense popularity can be attributed to the strong winds that pass through the strait of Gibraltar. The choppy waters here offer some of the best waves to windsurf. Even if you are a beginner here, there are many ways to learn windsurfing. With a full variant of rentals and surf schools available, it is a place that every new learner ought to visit. Sort out your stay and pay less than the usual fares for hotels by booking with Design Hotels. Get up to 20% off and free breakfast.

 4. Morocco:

While one may think that Morocco is a place only for travelers looking for rich history. Well, think again. Boasting a 220-mile coastline, Morocco is a windsurfing destination that can be enjoyed around the year. Dakhla is a place where you can sail any season due to the consistent winds. This place is majorly frequented by beginners looking to test their skills. Essaouira is one place that you ought to try as it’s known for its steady winds. Due to the absence of reefs and currents in the area, it is also flocked majorly by tourists. The season from April to October is perhaps the best time to visit Morocco, with September termed best for beginners.

 5. Philippines:

The southeast Asian country of the Philippines is another world-class destination for windsurfers to enjoy. Winter vacationers looking to try their hand at windsurfing can enjoy the best waters and waves from December to April. This is also why one of the biggest windsurfing competitions in the world, the Boracay International Funboard Cup takes place here. Several beginner courses take place here for one to join. The absence of currents and reefs makes it a perfect place for beginners to learn.

 6. Dominican Republic:

The Carribean waters are something to die for, and the Dominican Republic doesn’t disappoint. From the teeming offshore reefs to the crystal clear waters and steady winds accompanying them makes it a perfect place to windsurf. The cross-off winds make it an ideal condition for beginners to get their feet wet and going. You will find most of the sails here at the famous Bozo and Kite beach.

So, there we have the top 6 destinations for windsurfing that one ought to try. Make sure you pick your goal today and get yourself the tickets. You have more than ample options to choose from the list scattered all across the globe.