5 Fun Activities To Plan This Independence Day

July 9, 2019 Frugaa Blog


Independence Day is approaching, and it’s the time to check off a few fun things from your to-do list. While an all-day festivity and celebrations are in order, sometimes it can get a little too overwhelming for the family, especially for kids. This, however, doesn’t mean that you keep it a quiet affair and spend a day chilling at home, not unless the kids agree to it as well. They really won’t. So, how can you make the day more exciting and memorable this year? In this post, we have rounded off five fun activities that you can plan this Independence Day and make most of it alongside family and friends:

1. Have a cookout party in your backyard:

Nobody  could  ever say no to a good backyard party. This year, plan to have one in your garden with your friends and family. Also, just because it is a cookout party, it need not be an adult’s only affair. You can even get the kids involved in this planned cookout for the fourth of July. The kids can prepare the invitation cards for the guests and also engaged in other activities, including preparing some patriotic napkin holders or paper wind streamers. These can be put across the yard by the kids while you prepare for the cookout. The adults meanwhile, can take care of the task of cooking. Want to make this an even fun affair. Plan some games that everyone from the kids to adults can indulge. Nothing more fun than a cookout with fun and games for everyone to enjoy. How about decorating your home this Independence Day with flowers? Call 1800flowers.com and get 25% off on all new orders.

2. Hold a parade of your own:

Yes, this indeed is a feasible option and no, you won’t be needing a special permit to hold one in your block. The fourth of July is definitely a day that involves a lot of, and there’s no stopping you from holding one in your neighborhood. You can organize a small parade of your getting all the kids of the block to participate. Parents can help decorate their kid’s bike or costumes for their kids in different creative ways, including glitter, balloons, hats, and construction papers. Now choose a timing when everyone participating shows up with their creations and they all go around the block emulating a parade. It would be a fun event not just for the kids but the parents as well.


3. Bake some treats at home:

Baking treats and cookies shouldn’t be just confined to mommies and daddies alone. This time around, indulge the entire family in baking some treats. There are several different treat ideas to go for here right from apple pies, sugar cookies to delicious desserts. How about giving it a more festive touch? Bring out the sprinkles and make them colorful in red, white, and blue colors. You can find several simple recipes that don’t take much time and can be done by anyone. A quick online search will reveal many such recipes suitable for such occasions. These are ideal as afternoon snacks, party treats, or even as desserts. If you have guests coming at home, ensure that you have plenty of these to pass around. Looking to get some new electronic gadgets for your home to make treats? Head to Tech for less and get gifts under +50.

4. Learn more about the 4th of July and its significance in American history:

The 4th of July is a significant event in American history. While one may just know this as a day of Independence, the struggle to gain this freedom came with a lot of sacrifices. You can learn about the flag and why it is the way it is. You can also visit your local museum and learn more about it with your friends and family. There are also various enactments that take place across drama theaters about the 4th of July. Ensure that you plan ahead and get your tickets in advance for the events that you wish to go for. You can also hold a small trivia competition with your friends and family asking questions about American history. The winner gets free treats or first dips to desserts.

5.  A patriotic scavenger hunt:

Plan a patriotic scavenger hunt along with family and friends this Independence Day. You can make the event fun putting small mini versions of American Independence including the Liberty Bell, civil war soldiers, flags, Declaration of Independence, and much more. This can be done in teams as well as individually. The winner gets to have gift hampers or free passes to movies.

So, there we have five fun activities that you can plan this Independence Day with friends and family. Whoever said you cannot make the 4th of July not a fun event for one to enjoy?