Fun Activities to Plan This Father’s Day

The importance of fathers in our lives is something to be cherished. Someone who carried you on their shoulders when you got tired, someone who was there to cheer you on your very first goal or race. They are heroes in every right and role models for their sons and daughters. That is why every year, we celebrate the beautiful occasion of Father’s Day to show our love and appreciation.

Basics first. Does your Dad have a favorite joint where he likes to chill out? Maybe, he likes to bowl. Make a list of all the things that your Dad loves and try and collate them together in a schedule for the day. Also, ensure that you tell your father in advance about this one on one outing of yours. The last thing you want is a canned date and your plans going down the drain. Once in the clear, you can head to each and every venue that you have planned together to spend some quality one on one time together. In this post, we will look at some fun activities that you can plan for your father this Father’s Day:

1. Head Outdoors:
By outdoors, we mean a hike, trek, a bike ride or a simple picnic alongside your family. The month of June is an excellent time to head outdoors and what better way to celebrate Father’s Day than in the lap of nature. If your Dad happens to be an avid outdoorsy person, perhaps you can even get them a gift that they like trekking equipment, a backpack, binoculars, etc. Your Dad is sure to love this gesture of yours. How about getting your father a bouquet case or some flowers on this very day? Get 25% off on all purchases at 1-800-Flowers only at

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2. Go Scavenger Hunting:
It’s always a good time for a good scavenger hunt and what better way to spend time with your dad than participating in one? There are many local events that take place around this time of the year. If you are unable to find events nearby, you can always plan out your own scavenger hunt. This would allow you to bring out some creative liberties that may otherwise be not possible with local scavenger hunts. You can arrange to have your dad find his last clue at his favorite local joint or a picnic lunch.

3. Movie Marathon:
Nothing as amazing as a movie marathon for a special day. This year, compile a list of all your Dad’s favorite movies and be ready with ample popcorn to go along with it. There are many hits to choose from here including Rocky, Home Alone series, Remember The Titans etc. Whoever said you have to finish watching just a single movie this Father’s Day right? Now you can get all your favorite movie titles from one stop shop. Go to and get up to 30% off on all your orders.

4. Grill Days:
Now, as much is grilling a Dad only endeavor, this time help plan one on Father’s Day. Send out an invite to friends and family for the occasion or just simply plan quality family time. Everything tastes better on a grill and whoever has ever said no to barbecue food? You can finish this with a barbecue relay race in the end where two teams vie against each other to collect the most barbecue tools.

5. Head to a Water Park
The temperatures are rising this summer and what better way to beat the heat and enjoy some quality time than heading to a water park? Book some tickets for the family and surprise your dad with a trip to the water park this Father’s Day. Splash around and have a ball of a day enjoying different water rides alongside your dad and family. Father’s Day outing couldn’t be more fun this year.

6. Put on a show:
Rather than anything else, there is always a chance to do something original. You can rope in your siblings and other family members for this one. Prepare an original skit, do a comedy or just sing a song for your Dad on Father’s Day. You could also prepare a DIY craft for him. There are many ideas floating around on the Internet with Father’s Day themed crafts. Your dad is bound to love the originality of a surprise show especially catered for him. There are bound to be laughs, praises, and smiles all across. There could not be a better way to celebrate a special day for your father?

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So, there we have a small list of fun activities that you can plan this Father’s Day. The important thing here is to enjoy some quality time together and have fun.