New Year’s Celebration Around The World

December 23, 2013 Frugaa Blog


New Year’s Day is celebrated on the 1st of January, of each year. This year, New Year’s Day will arrive on Wednesday. This is one of the most celebrated holidays in the world. As the clock strikes midnight across each time zone, the occasion is marked with fireworks and a clink of champagne glasses. Island nations such as Samoa and Kiribati are among the first to welcome the New Year, while Hawaii’s Honolulu is one of the last. Tradition Typi... Read More

Christmas: The Season of Giving and Celebrating

December 18, 2013 Frugaa Blog


This year, Christmas will arrive on Wednesday, December 25. It is a public holiday that is celebrated on a worldwide scale, even in many non-Christian countries. Most schools, offices, and government operations, shut down for a period of up to two weeks just prior to and after Christmas. This time period is often called “Christmas Break”. The term “Christmas” originally came from the words “Christ’s mass”, which was later compounded. For many Christians ... Read More

Top 5 Audio Systems And Equipments For The Home

December 10, 2013 Frugaa Blog


The importance of music cannot be underestimated. Music has the ability to transport the listener to different planes of conscience. Music can bypass the logical aspect of the mind, much faster than any other medium. Music also has the ability to trigger a wide range of emotions, much quicker than other variables. More importantly, music is free from “isms” that plague human society such as racism, ethnocentrism, and sexism. In mundane existence, music can add a litt... Read More

5 Wearable Tech Products To Look Out For

December 3, 2013 Frugaa Blog


The wearable technology enterprise is an emerging landscape. The wide range of products that are available on the market will surely change the way you communicate, exercise, and even socially connect with others. Products range from smart watches to pedometers to health monitors, and even activity trackers. Nowhere is the growth of wearable technology more evident than in the health care industry. Wearable technology products in this sector are able to monitor your slee... Read More

Interesting Facts About Black Friday & Cyber Monday

November 27, 2013 Frugaa Blog


Undoubtedly Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest shopping days of the year and are just around the corner. But do you know how these two terms came into being? Do you know their origin and story behind it? Read below to find out some interesting facts about both these days.

Black Friday History
You will be surprised to know that it was not called 'Black Friday' until 1960s and not popularly called until the last two ... Read More