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About Study Island

Study Island was founded in 2000, it's an award-winning product from Edmentum that helps students, from kindergarten right through to 12th grade, to master schooling in a manner that is both engaging and fun. It combined fully customized content that is applicable by state, in social studies, math, science, reading, and writing. There are interactive features as well as games that keep students engaged, all while reinforcing their learning. These online products can help transform education, both in school and at home.


Our children truly are our future and it's up to us to provide them with an education that will help them succeed and go out into the world and change it. School supplies don't come cheap, which is why any discount off of your products is a help. Whether you're a teacher looking to stock up or a parent who just wants to relieve some of the pressure on teachers, you can get incredible discounts from Office Depot and Discount School Supply. Fun school supplies are a great way to keep kids engaged in the learning process.


Study Island Services

If your child or students need assistance to master the standards of grade-level (and state-specific) curriculum, Study Island is the product for you. Since it's customized by the state you can rest easy knowing that your child is being taught the correct standards and content. It won't even feel like school work when they get started and they will love the chance to play games that count as schooling. The programs have been designed to be user-friendly for the end-user.

  1. For Home - Every subscription from Study Island comes with the ability to change the grade level, which can help your child get ahead (or catch up), the built-in games are a reward for all of their hard work, the online platform is simple to use, there's a dashboard for parents to track progress, the lessons are engaging, and there are over half a million practice questions, feedback is instant to assist your student in remembering the lessons. Additionally, children stay motivated by earning experience points, as well as coins and badges – just like their favorite apps.
    • Game Mode
    • Practice Mode
    • Lessons
  2. For School - Even the classroom package comes with over 600,000 items for practice that are designed to meet state standards. That includes over 10,000 assessments. There are tools for student support, an independent practice which is structured, automatic feedback, as well as learning experiences for large or small groups. You can create quizzes and tests for practice purposes and to assess your students' development.
    • Lessons in Math
    • eading lessons
    • riting lessons
    • Science support
    • Lessons in Social Studies

Teachers can access resources and tools offering worksheets, lesson plans, and even videos. It makes dealing with groups easier as you can tweak your lessons for the size of the group you are dealing with. You can also access data by student and class level via the dashboard to see daily progress and beyond. For more such similar vendors you can visit our Education and Training category where you will find ample of discount on study materials


Discount Codes

If you have a discount code you can simply enter it into the promo code box in the closing stages of the checkout process.


Prices vary, dependent on your needs. However, generally speaking, you are looking at as low as just $5.50 per student. The classroom option is suitable for anywhere between 5 and 53 students, but you can also purchase for the entire school or even the district.

If you are looking to improve your child's academic performance you can purchase Study Island for just $25 a month. This includes 5 family accounts. If you choose an annual plan, you can save 33% and pay just $16.67 monthly. You can also check out a free trial to see how your child responds to the program before you commit to a monthly payment.


You don't need to worry about students being given the wrong curriculum, Study Island is tailored to your needs by state to ensure students are getting the right message at the right time.

Customer Support

Log on to the website to find the relevant contact details. For general support, you can call 1-800-447-5286 or email [email protected]. There are more specific contact details for various aspects of the product.

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Email Study Island [email protected]
Phone no: 1-800-419-3191