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Sonos philosophy is to reinvent the home audio for the digital age. To fill every home with music and make listening a valued experience again. Changing the way you listen to music using Sonos audio solutions. All yours for less using these exclusive Sonos coupons!


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About Sonos

Established in the year 2002, Sonos is a name to reckon with in the home audio solutions in today’s digital age. Reinventing the home audio, Sonos has taken the music listening experience to an all new level. It is now not only easy to access the music of your choice but also possible to discover new genres and songs within a matter of seconds. The unbeatable sound quality with high end systems, Sonos has brought a complete package to its users by enhancing the joys of listening to music.


Sonos offers a string of musical equipments that include HiFi speakers and audio components that binds the digital music collection of the user to a single app. The music can be controlled from a mobile device that allows for a faultless synchronization in every room. No more drops or delays while playing your favorite music from any part of the world. It is as all new experience to listen to live music with Sonos.

With Sonos equipment, you can access your music from all the corners of the house that is perfectly synced with your device. The categories include:

  • Wireless speakers.
  • Wireless Home Theatre systems.
  • Ancillary systems like Connect Amp and Connect to add to the existing device for better quality.
  • Bridge improves the wireless reliability for better home theatre set-up.
  • PlayBar + Wall Mount Kit.

Present in more than 60 countries across the world, Sonos is present through partnership with thousands of retailers and is available in seven languages.

Sonos is compatible with several music platforms like Deezer, Stitcher, TuneIn, Aupeo, 8 Tracks and Wolfgang’s Vault to offer access to thousands of songs from all across the globe.

Wire Free Music

Sonos unique technology connects the entire house with a single audio system on a dedicated wireless network. Find more money savings offers at Cellular Factory & FastTech. Choose from the list of products as per the requirement and preference.

  • Wireless Speakers categories – Play: 1, Play:3, Play:5
  • Home Theatre – PlayBar, Sub, Play:1
  • Connecting with Existing Music System – Connect: Amp, Connect

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Redeem the Discount Code

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  • Add the item to cart, you can either continue shopping or proceed for checkout.
  • After clicking the Checkout option, fill in the billing Address details. Check the box if the billing address is same as the shipping address.
  • Click continue button to review the purchase.
  • Enter the coupon code and click ‘apply’ for the discounts to be made available.
  • Proceed for the final payment and to conclude the transaction.

You can view all the videos about Sonos by subscribing to its YouTube channel. The videos describe a lot about the various brands, products and offerings. Stay tuned and keep updating about the upcoming products as well as discounts. The video below describes about the all-in-one wireless soundbar for music lovers.

Mobile Device

The controller App by Sonos lets the users play their music in every room of their house and manage the playlist from any device. The app is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows and can be accessed through Mac, phones, laptops or tablets. Now listen to any music, regardless of what country the music streams from.

Easy to Use Sonos Platform

Even though Sonos has a well trained customer service team only too happy to address the queries of its customers, but the users can get direct access to installation guide and the quick start guides downloadable from the website. Within minutes, the comprehensive guide will be available to lead you through a step-by-step process.

Returns, Replacement & Refunds

The products that have been purchased directly through Sonos or through an authorized agent are applicable for a refund if – if the product faces defect within 2 years of buying from the original date of the shipment or it can be returned for a full refund within 100 days of the original date of the shipment.

The warranty is not applicable in case the product has been purchased from an unauthorized seller. The product to be returned within 100 days for a full refund is only applicable if it has been purchased directly from Sonos over the phone or the online store.

Once the product is returned and meets all the conditions of refund, it would be made available to the customer with 10-15 days from the date of the receipt. Refund does not include the shipping costs or the duties incurred during the shipping of the product.

Contact Information

Sonos customer service team is available via email or phone.
Contact Number: +49(0)1803 447000