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About Simple Canvas Prints

Simple Canvas Prints paved its way in the year 2014 as a medium to serve canvas prints, photos to canvas and canvas photo services online at affordable prices. With factory direct pricing and thousands of happy customers to their credit, Simple Canvas Printing is helping people pave their way to some of their fond memories on canvas. The professionals take care of all the basic aspects of editing right from wiping away dust, fixing blemishes and getting rid of scratches.

International Reach

As of currently, Simple Canvas Prints is limited to taking orders within the US only and doesn’t cater to overseas clients.

Sister Companies

Simple Canvas Prints doesn’t have any sister companies with which it promotes or does business. The company’s official website is the only portal that is catering to customers at the moment.


Products & Categories

• Canvas Prints

  • Custom Canvas Prints
  • Framed Prints
  • Rolled Canvas Prints
  • Pop Art
  • Print From Facebook
  • Print From Instagram

• Canvas Photo Retouching

  • Simple touch up
  • Simple Enhance
  • Simple Makeover

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Top 3 Products

  1. Looking for museum quality canvas prints for your home and office. Look no further than Simple Canvas Prints offering different sizes right from size 8X8 to 30X36. One can now avail a 8X8 size rolled canvas for a meagre price of $8.89 while 1.5’’ deep frame will cost only $17.89.
  2. Get great deals on Simple Makeover edits from the professional team at Simple Canvas Prints. This makeover involves a thorough retouching with edits like wrinkle removal, color isolation, object removal, restoration of torn stained and faded photographs all for a price of $19.95. This whole edit takes a minimum of 3-5 days to deliver.
  3. Every thought of converting your photos into pop art and decorating it back in your home. Well, now is your chance to finally do so with the pop art edit from Simple Canvas Prints. Now you can have a wall art with your very own pop art and all with a size of your choosing. Choose from 3 frames and any size between 8X8 to 30X36. A 30X36 size pop art on a 0.75 ‘’ deep frame will cost you $88.96.


Top Categories

Simple Canvas Prints has been a renowned name in providing affordable canvas printing since its inception back in 2014. The company’s reseller ratings have been more than par with excellent customer reviews on the products delivered by them. With a simple and easy to follow process to enrol their service, Simple Canvas prints makes it easy for customers to get their favorite canvas size, style and editing photos. Price comparison figures amongst competitors also yielded favourable results in favour of the company along with reviews from prestigious institutions like the New York Times, HGTC and Instyle.

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Redeeming Discounts

Customers can always use vouchers from another website and redeem them on Simple Canvas Prints. The only catch being that any voucher paid for the edits, the customer will need to contact the issuer of the voucher in case a refund is to be initiated.

On your very arrival to the Simple Canvas Website, you are greeted with a massive 85% discount on all services availed. Patrons signing up for the newsletters are also privy to some exclusive offers for their next order.

Shipping & Returns

Depending on the canvas size and types, your order will vary. A standard order like a simple touch up will take around 2-3 business days while extensive makeover edits can take anywhere between 3-5 business days. Purchase best designer shoes, handbags, clothing, watches, fragrances & men's clothing with free standard shipping on your orders by using Vince Camuto coupons.

The company has got a simple refund policy and if any time the customer doesn’t like the product received by them, they can then always initiate a refund. All they need to do is cut out the section of the canvas they would like a refund of and mail the cut pieces back to Simple Canvas Prints. Upon receipt of the item, a refund will be initiated accordingly along with the original shipping cost. Even if the customer themselves make a mistake with the edit, they can still get a refund for the same making the entire experience a hassle-free experience.

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