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McAfee solutions helps delivering complete virus protection and internet security. McAfee With such comprehensive security software, every customer’s computers are protected from the latest threats. Grab one of our McAfee promo code and get an discount instantly.


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Exclusive McAfee Deal: Secure your business with McAfee Total Protection kit with 100% bug security and unlimited customer support from McAfee and save £45 on your order.

Promotional McAfee coupon code: Check out the free trial of McAfee LiveSafe guard which gives ultimate security to your data and identity on all your devices from McAfee.

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Hot McAfee Discount: 25% off McAfee endpoint security items. .

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About McAfee

Today, when we buy a smart gadget or computer, we take the security of that device as the primary concern. Small business or large business, each network needs a stable-secure network to prevent the emerging online threats. Your mobile may be the victim of data-theft network. McAfee has been protecting the devices and securing the personal or business data-network since 1987. McAfee, Inc. is a subsidiary of Intel and it has begun to appear as Intel Security from 2010.


McAfee delivers the potential and proven security software and services to secure the systems around the world. McAfee security system provides the real time visibility, guarantees compliances, enhances internet protection and refines the operational efficiency of business. This protection shield fights against malware, spyware, virus and the security management features establish the complete protection against the global threats. McAfee Global Threat Intelligence commits its unique capability to provide services to the following sections- Data Center Security, Data Protection, Database Security,  Email & Web Security, Endpoint Protection, Mobile Security, Network Security & Next Generation Firewall, Risk & Compliance, Security-as-a-Service (Security SaaS), Security Management and Security Information & Event Management (SIEM).

International Supplies

McAfee Security or the Intel Security is the largest dedicated security technology provider in the world. McAfee is a leading data security service provider in various countries and it is providing the online services in number of countries that include - USA, Latin America, Australia, Canada, China, Czech, Denmark, Deutschland, Finland, France, Hong-Kong, India, Italia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Turkey and other European and Asian countries.

Product Details

‘McAfee’ security solutions is the ultimate option to ensure the optimum level of antimalware protection and threat visibility. This protection shield covers - endpoint protection, comprehensive system, cloud security, network security, data protection and database security. McAfee enhances the personal or business experience by creating a shield to save the sensitive data. The leading security provisions for the industry are - McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection, McAfee Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), McAfee SIEM and McAfee Network Security Platform.

‘McAfee Security Services’ allocates its amenities into three major rooms- Security for Consumers, Security for Enterprise, and Security for Small Business.

Security for Consumers

McAfee arranges the security software in different categories depending upon the devices in which the program is going to be used.

  • Cross Device - McAfee All Access, McAfee Small Business Security and McAfee Live Safe.
  • PC & Mac - Total Protection, Internet Security, Antivirus Plus, Family Protection, Site Advisor Live, Internet Security for Mac and Family protection for Mac.
  • Mobile/Tablet - McAfee Mobile Security, Security for iPhone & iPad and Family Protection Android Edition.
  • Others - McAfee Set-Up & Optimize, Virus-Removal-Service, McAfee Set-Up & Protect and Advance Troble-Shooting.

Security for Enterprise

The prevention system is divided into twelve main categories- Data Center Security, Data Protection, Database Security, Email & Web Security, Endpoint Protection, Identity & Access Management, Mobile Security, Network Security, Risk & Compliance, Security-as-a-Service, Security Management and SIEM.

Products by Business/technology - Cloud Security, Compliance, Consumerization of IT, Critical Infrastructure, Embedded Security, Incident Response, McAfee and Intel Hardware-Enhanced Security, Risk Management, Security for Apple Devices, Security Management Platform, Secure Mobility, Virtualization and Web 2.0.

Security by Industry - Financial Services, Health Care (Privacy Breach Detection, Healthcare Mobile Device Security and Medical Device Security), Public Sector, Retail and Telecommunication.

Security for Small Business - In this section, divides the software into three categories- Desktop Securities, Email Securities and Web Securities.

Top Products


  • McAfee® All Access (for consumers)-$49.99
  • McAfee Internet Security (for consumers)-$55.99
  • McAfee Small Business Security - $15.99
  • Endpoint Protection Advanced for SMB- $50.15
  • SaaS Web Protection - $31.66
  • SaaS Web & Email Protection- $43.60


McAfee guarantees a worry-free service before-during-after purchasing the product. You may take helps from 24x7 - phone support and securely download the product after purchasing. McAfee provides various on-demand services for Business- Education Service, Security Consulting and product consulting. You are free to take technical support whenever you need and can run the security update. If you purchase as an individual Consumer then McAfee would provide you- Free Support, Virus Removal Service and McAfee TechMaster Service. Microsoft Store also offers similar discounts and deals on a range of softwares.

Refund: Though McAfee guarantees satisfaction but if you have any issue, you can get back to McAfee to ask for 100% refund.

Best Deals

McAfee security does not only secure the network or the devices but the authority also views angles of the safety of your pocket. Therefore, it provides best selling and the most-required programs in cut prices. You will find various necessary products that suit your budget. The best deals also cover some easy to access services.

Few of the deals:

  1. Enter the McAfee grant number and renew the license in few seconds.
  2. Download McAfee Tech Check and check your PC’s performance without spending any cost.
  3. Purchase McAfee Virus Removal Service in just $89.95.
  4. Save $50 while opting for McAfee All Access.
  5. Save 30% on Internet security.
  6. Download McAfee free tools.

Manage Extra Savings

Few of the coupon/promo code offers:

  • Get 50% off on Total Protection.
  • Enjoy 25% discount on Endpoint Security.
  • Save 50% on Antivirus plus.
  • Get Mobile security in just $15. Also, with the use of Zend coupon you can get PHP scripting engine at affordable price which features improved performance, greater scalability and modular architecture.

Redeem the Code

  • Find the qualified product and transfer it into the cart.
  • On the check out page, it will ask you to enter Promo code.
  • Enter the coupon/promo code and apply to get the discounts.

McAfee always stays ahead to create a shield to prevent the latest threats. McAfee promises to secure your every digital device in every bit of seconds to let you sleep in peaceful mind. Subscribe to the YouTube channel of one of the most prominent retail brands today, McAfee and take advantage of the great advertises offered.

Contact Details

McAfee Security (Intel Security)
2821 Mission College Blvd
Santa Clara, California, US
Ph. 1-866-622-3911 / 888-847-8766