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Lifelock is a company offers the Lifelock identity theft protection system. It alerts you whenever we detect your personal information being used to apply for wireless services, retail credit, utilities, and mortgage loans within our extensive network. Get Lifelock solutions for less using these coupons.


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Latest LifeLock promo: Enroll the best ever identity theft protection plans and save your personal data from getting breached. At LifeLock, save 10% on your first year's membership only. Terms Apply.

Promotional LifeLock coupon code: Check out the new LifeLock's Standard Plan promoted to safeguard your identity from getting stolen. This plan includes SSN and Credit Alerts with funds reimbursement. Pay now as low as $8.99/mo for first year.

Hot LifeLock discount: Grab this new exciting LifeLock Advantage Plan promoted for the protection of its customer's information which includes bank alerts, SSN and credit alerts and more costing for just $17.99/mo for the first year.

Exclusive LifeLock deal: This LifeLock Ultimate Plus Plan provides identity theft protection for $26.99 per month exclusively for the first year including lost wallet protection, address change verification, online annual credit reports & scores and monthly credit score tracking.

About LifeLock

Identify theft is one of the biggest crimes in the world and affects a huge population all across the world. To combat this issue and to make you feel safe and secure, LifeLock was established in the year 2005 to provide you identity protection and several other protection services. With over 3 million LifeLock members, the company has been active in the field of proactive identity alerts, patented technology, threat detection and comprehensive remediation services.


LifeLock brings its services for not only individuals but also for enterprises. With a large range of products and services to choose from, the company only keeps adding more members and customers with each passing day. So choose LifeLock today to take your important safety measures in your own hands and experience the security and safety that its superb services offer.

LifeLock Services and Products

LifeLock offers a huge range of services and products which are all more or less meant to provide you with identify theft protection. There are individual plans, plans for enterprises and plans for even juniors. The following are some of the major products and services you can choose from:

  • LifeLock Individual plans - LifeLock Standard, LifeLock Advantage, LifeLock Ultimate Plus.
  • LifeLock Wallet - The LifeLock wallet app to make many LifeLock functions easier for you.
  • LifeLock Junior - This wonderful platform provides some really important benefits for the little ones.


Can't Miss Offers

Each of the LifeLock products is priced at a different cost depending upon its specifications and details. But to avail even further discounts or offers on all these products, you must log onto the website and check out the ongoing saving opportunities. These exclusive offers must simply never be missed as they are valid for a limited period time mostly. The following are some of the top ongoing offers:

  1. LifeLock Standard Protection plan for $9/month.
  2. LifeLock Ultimate Protection plan for $29/month.
  3. Advantage Protection plan for $19/month.

Redeem Your Coupons

Benefits and discounts don’t just end at LifeLock. When you shop for an identity theft protection product at LifeLock, then you are always in for a surprise or two. Whether it is saving opportunities through ongoing sales or coupons, the fun doesn’t ever end. If you have a LifeLock coupon with you, then you can redeem it on a product of your choice. Here’s how:

  • The first step is to enter the service and product section and select a plan or service of your choice.
  • Once you have selected a plan, you will be asked to enter the Promo Code or partner code of the coupon that you have.
  • Enter the code and the amount of the coupon will automatically be deducted from the total payment due.

To understand just how important identify theft protection is and what kind of role LifeLock plays to help you out with this, you can check out YouTube videos released by the retailer.

LifeLock Wallet App

When you become a member of LifeLock you can download this app to make use of its many benefits and advantages. This app comes with several amazing features which enable you to access LifeLock in a better and easier way and is available on major leading platform such as Android and iOS.

Mobile App

International Reach

No matter which country you belong to, LifeLock’ services can be availed by you just by logging onto the website. The very fact that its services transcend borders makes the experience even more special. Afterall, Identity theft can affect you in any part of the world and LifeLock is present to rescue you out of the situation, no matter what. Rogers Alert also provide similar deals and coupons with loads of saving.

Customer Support

If you have any doubts, questions or queries, you can easily have them answered by reaching out to the customer support agents of LifeLock. The agents can help you resolve any of your problems and help you as far as choosing the right product is concerned.

Contact Information

60 East Rio Salado Parkway
Suite 400
AZ 85281

Customer Service: 1-800-543-3562
E-Mail: [email protected]