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At H&R Block, get a chance to file income taxes online or using our great tax preparation software. H&R Block is the single source for online tax services & tax preparation. With H&R Block, stay up to date with everything related to tax information & service.



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About H&R Block

Based in the United States, H&R Block has been helping people all over the world claim tax returns. They also help customers with banking, personal finances and business consulting. H&R Block has been in the business since 1955 and operates over 11,000 offices in the US alone, plus 1,700 offices abroad.

H&R Block

H&R Block does offer numerous other services including their at-home tax program called H&R Block at Home.

Top Categories

Top categories on H&R Block includes tax services, financial services, and whether or not a service is retail or online based.

Featured Brands

While H&R Block does not feature products from other brands, customers can opt for software and services from H&R representatives all around the world. Some of H&R’s tax preparation software will allow customers to port files from other programs from competitors such as Quicken or Turbo Tax.

What H&R Block Offers

H&R Block offers numerous financial services for both individuals and businesses.

  • Tax Solutions- Help for filing taxes, software, business tax solutions, etc.
  • Financial Services- Money management.
  • Online Resources- Online tax programs, etc.


Many of H&R Block’s tax preparation and financial services can be customized based on your household situation and/or business. For example, H&R Block offers services based on the size of your business, the number of people in your household, whether you’re a homeowner or investor, if you’re self-employed, or if you’re a rental property owner. Various situations will require different services.

H&R Block

Top 3 Deals for Extra Savings

  1. Right now, customers can call for free consulting about whether the Affordable Healthcare Act will affect your taxes.
  2. Receive 10% on top of your federal refund.
  3. Save 20% on selected tax preparation software.

How to Save Big Using Coupons

To save big using coupons, follow these steps

  • Add selected products to your shopping cart.
  • While reviewing your product, enter coupon code when prompted.
  • The discount will be deducted immediately. Proceed to checkout.
  • Enter your shipping details.
  • Proceed towards payment and make the payment.
  • Confirm the order and checkout.

H&R Block offers an extensive YouTube channel, which is chock full of the latest news, promotions, and tips and tricks for H&R Block customers. This video features the character ‘Hipster Dan’ and ponders the question- what would you do with a refund check? For Hipster Dan the answer is simple- he would buy a taco then go shopping for bed frames or apartments as they’re “one and the same, I guess.” This video is meant to promote H&R Block’s new website- Hipster Tax Crisis- which playfully reminds customers about the importance of filing taxes.

Mobile App

H&R Block offers a mobile app for every banking and taxing need. The MyBlock mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, provides a mobile optimized and easy way for customers to view their refund statuses, find answers to common tax questions, and estimate their taxes. MyBlock allows customers to find the nearest H&R Block office and/or tax professional. They can also schedule appointments, upload tax documents, and learn more about what H&R Block offers through the MyBlock app.

Mobile App

Gift Cards at H&R Block

H&R Block does not offer gift cards at this time. However, gift cards for other retailers can be purchased through H&R Block with your federal tax return, which will be made available as soon as your refund processes. Even eSmart Tax discount code, TaxACT and One Price Taxes offer similar services, check this out now.

Membership Benefits

Members can opt for H&R Block’s Emerald card, which allows customers to make purchases, use ATMs and more. Customers who use H&R Block’s tax preparation software can also opt to receive an additional 5% (if using the Federal Free or Basic editions) or 10% (if using Deluxe, Premium, or Premium & Business) on top of their federal tax return.

Shipping Policy

Certain products, such as tax preparation software, can usually be downloaded instantly online. However, if you purchase a back-up CD with your download, it will take about 8-10 business days to arrive at your residence, although shipping is free.

H&R Block International

H&R Block serves customers with over 1,700 offices based abroad and also offers remote services. Expats can also expect to receive detailed help with filing related taxes towards their expat status.

Customer Support at H&R Block

H&R Block offers an extensive FAQ for most common customer service inquiries. However, for more specific inquiries, you can call or get in touch with your local H&R office.

How to Reach H&R Block

655 W Illinois Ave
TX, 75224
Call us at: 1-800-472-5625
E-Mail: [email protected]