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GamersGate is a one stop digital distribution platform for PC and Mac games. GamersGate offers a huge selection of AAA publishers including EA, Ubisoft, SEGA and many more besides a great variety of niche and indie publishers. Don’t miss on these Gamersgate discount promotions and coupons.


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Latest GamersGate promo: Jagged Alliance Weekend - 75% Off .

About GamersGate

GamersGate is the leading digital distribution platform for Mac and PC games which is aimed at creating a lovely gaming experiences for gamers all across the world anywhere, anytime. The online platform eliminates the need for any bulky client interface and offers a client-free experience. This means that there is no need for any third party involvement when playing at GamersGate.

GamersGate Logo

GamersGate has one of the largest catalog of games available online and provides the gamers with a host of publisher choices including SEGA, Ubisoft, EA and others.  In order to serve the growing community of gamers well, the company has also introduced the concept of Blue Coins which can be earned through various activities on the website.

International Reach

Needless to say, GamersGate is not limited to the users or gamers of any one particular country but welcomes and entertains gamers from all across the world. So no matter which part of the world you are based in, you can enjoy the superb games offered by it from the comfort of your homes.

Customer Support

GamersGate understands that gamers or users can often face certain issues, doubts, confusions and queries while using or playing any game or during other activities on the website. This is why the company offers a customer support centre which can be contacted by typing in your question or query on the SUPPORT page. Your query will be answered as soon as possible and in the most effective way.

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Games, Loads of Them!

Coming to the games, GamersGate is nothing short of a paradise for gaming lovers worldwide. It has more than 6000 games that can be downloaded on the web and it is common for people to be spoilt for choice. The games are divided into different genres for your convenience. The following are some of the game categories present on the website:

  • Strategy - grand strategy, real time strategy, history etc.
  • Simulator - business simulator, combat simulator, city building games etc.
  • Casual - arcade games, hidden games, card games, casino games etc.
  • Action - fighting games, racing games, sports games, shooter games etc.
  • Adventure - action adventure games, horror adventure, puzzle games etc.

Besides these major categories, you can also select your game as per the medium of playing. For example, the games are also divided into the following categories:

  • PC/Windows games
  • Mac games
  • Linux games
  • Android games

Popular Publishers

GamersGate offers a strong selection of AAA publishers and some of these publishers are known worldwide for their gaming quality, graphics, sound and creativity. Also at OnePlay and Mac Game Store check out for similar range of products with huge discount offers. The following is a list of the some of the popular publishers that can be found on this website:

  • EA
  • Ubisoft
  • SEGA
  • Etc…

GamersGate Store

Amazing Deals

What is amazing about GamersGate is the fact that there is always an offer going on which helps you save on purchasing of your favourite game.  These offers and deals are simply irresistible and can help you enhance your overall shopping and gaming experience. The following are some of the top offers that you can avail on the site:

  1. Save 50% on METRO REDUX
  2. Get 66% off – Sins of a Solar Empire: REBELLIONS
  3. COMPANY OF HEROS – 75% off
  4. Huge savings on daily deals
  5. WARFRAME warrior pack for windows - $20
  6. For $4 Fallen Enchantress

Redeem Your Shopping Coupons

Another way to save on GamersGate is to make use of your discount coupons. Coupons are a fabulous way to save that hard earned income of yours and definitely encourages you to buy a little more of entertainment and fun. If you have a GamersGate coupon with you, then you can redeem it on the website by following the given steps:

  • The first step is to log on to the website and navigate through to find the category of games from which you would like to shop.
  • Once you have selected a category or genre of games, you can click on it and enter it to find a host of games to download or buy.
  • Browse through and select the game that you like the most and add it to your CART.
  • If you wish to shop further, browse through again and keep adding games to CART.
  • Once you are done, go to the CART and proceed towards the checkout process to make the payment.
  • Here, you will be asked to write down the PROMO CODE or COUPON CODE of your coupon.
  • Enter the code and proceed. Your coupon discount amount will be deducted from the final payment.

In order to get to know the games offered at GamersGate a little better or to check out the amazing things that a particular game offers, you can watch YouTube videos uploaded or published by the company. Watch this video Horizon - Teaser trailer by subscribing for GamersGate YouTube channel.

Social Media Links

GamersGate tries its best to maintain a constant connect and communication with its gamers or customers and it does so by interacting with them through social networking websites.  It has been an active member of the leading social networking websites including Facebook and Twitter.

Like and follow GamersGate on Facebook and always be informed about the latest offers and deals.

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