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About Drivers Ed

Drivers Ed was established in 1997 to provide driving-related-education to all the prospective candidates. Isaak Tsifrin, Gary Golduber and Gary Tsifrin, being the founders of Drivers Ed, came up with a unique idea to hold online driving sessions for the users, in order to save their time and other efforts involved. To have an access to this site, all you need to have is a good internet connection.

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You can learn various driving related courses including in- car driving and defensive driving. After the completion of your course, an online test is conducted. If you pass that test, you are awarded with Certificate of Completion within 1-2 business days. It is accredited by the Driving School Association of the Americas and officially approved by the Road Safety Educators’ Association.

Secured Website

Drivers Ed is a VeriSign secured website and abides by ScanAlert’s specifications. The site is examined everyday in order to protect its customers against risks related to credit card and misusing the original identity. It appears to be a reliable website which aims to protect the interest of its customers and provide maximum valuable services.

What is Drivers Ed All About

Even after securing the topmost place in online driving education, Drivers Ed always keeps on analyzing the areas where further improvements can be made. The expertise always strives for excellence in providing valuable services to its users. From a teen to a mature driver, Drivers Ed is suitable for the people of all age groups.

Drivers Ed for Teens

They understand how crucial it is for any teenager to get a perfect hold on driving skills. For this purpose, the online courses are taught in such an amazing way that the learners don’t feel bored at any time.

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Adult Drivers Ed

In case, you are not familiar with the safe traffic rules or are not confident about your driving skills, Drivers Ed is there to help those out who are 18 years of age and above. The online education available helps you in becoming an effective driver.

Mature Drivers Ed

It is said,” There is no age to learn something new”.  For the citizens of 55 years and age, it provides DMV approved mature Driver Ed courses, which help in reviving all the rules related to road safety and safe driving as well.

Defensive Driving

If you are following an online defensive driving course, it won’t only minimize your insurance costs, but will also help in maintaining your driving records in an effective manner. The sessions are generated and designed by the driving experts who possess a huge experience in safe driving related skills.

Registered for The Suitable Course

If you are finding Drivers Ed courses effective enough, then you need not to give a second thought about getting yourself registered. It is a simple process where:

  • You need to create your account by using a suitable username and password.
  • Select the respective online session you want to follow.
  • If you are not sure about the quality of the courses provided, you can follow one fifth of the total course for free.
  • Once you are satisfied with the extent of knowledge provided, you can subscribe for the respective course by making full payment.

As this course is offered online, you can have an access anytime and anywhere. . In case, you find some other important work to do, you can leave the course at that very point. When you will log in again, you will be automatically taken back to the place where you stopped it. The payment can be made via VISA, master card, Amercian Express or PayPal as per your convenience. For related products and offers, you can also check I Drive Safely.

Amazing Schemes

The instructors of Drivers Ed are both professional and friendly, who know how to make driving rules easy for learning for teens, adults and mature people. The customer support of Drivers Ed is available 24*7. In case, you have any query in your mind, they are pleased to help you. You can easily earn your driving license, save money and further avail discounts by joining Drivers Ed. Some of the insurance schemes being covered by them are as follows:

  1. Enjoy an insurance discount up to 10%.
  2. Enjoy an insurance discount up to 20%.
  3. Enjoy an insurance discount up to 15%.

For the purpose of brushing your driving skills, they give you a chance to take some tests which may vary from course to course:

  1. Practice 50 free permit tests in Teen Drivers Ed
  2. Practice 10 free permit tests in Adult Drivers Ed

The online classrooms are made with a view to keep their learners stay in touch with them, physically and mentally. The courses include educating with the help of amazing 3D videos, animations and case studies to create a lively environment.

Mobile App

Drivers Ed provides you with an interesting mobile app facility, so that you need not to rely only laptops or computers in case you want to take lessons. This mobile app provides convenient services to its users, making their learning experience more fun. This app is totally free to install on your Android and iOS gadgets. It retains all the relevant information that can prove to be useful while taking your state’s permit tests. It further maintains a record of previously taken tests, so that you can compare your current performance with the past performance. It gives you an idea where you stand and how much more you need to polish your skills.

DriversEd Mobile App

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Contact Details

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Phone : 888-651-2886
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