iPhone 9: Everything You Need to Know

September 12, 2018 Frugaa Blog


There aren’t that many smartphones in the market that command as much attention as the iPhone series. The brand has been a status quo symbol for many and with each release, has only risen more in popularity. Anticipation for a new release is at an all-time high again this year as Apple is slated to launch the new iPhone 9 somewhere around September and October. Pre-orders are slated to start from September 14 for the new model. What has made this news even better is the fact that the new iPhone will be a budget entry smartphone for 2018.

For people looking to buy a new smartphone this fall, there couldn’t be a better news. Amidst all the rumors and anticipation, we have compiled you a list of the basics and everything there is to know about the new iPhone 9:

iPhone 9

1. Three Different Models:
If multiple sources are to be believed, Apple plans to field three handsets in total. Two of these will be sporting the OLED screen consisting of a 6.5 inch and 5.8-inch model. There will also be a cheaper 6.1-inch model that will come equipped with an LCD screen.

The company is said to revert the next iPhone X to have an LCD screen with a price cut and improving the availability of the current OLED model. The Wall Street Journal has predicted that the less expensive LCD iPhone is expected to sell faster compared to the pricier OLED model.

2. Camera:
One of the most asked questions regarding the new iPhone model happens to be regarding the camera. The camera on the new iPhone will be getting an upgrade but this will be significantly different than the old iPhone’s X current dual-lens system. The phone will adopt the single-aperture system, unlike its rival Samsung Galaxy S9. The iPhone 9, however, will definitely get the dual aperture system upgrade which will come equipped with a triple lens camera. Other significant features will include face detection, simultaneous HD video, and image recording, Touch to focus, digital zoom and auto flash. The front camera will be equipped with a 7 MP.

3. Touch ID:
Many tech experts expected Apple to ditch its aging Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the new iPhone 9 and its bound to be the same way when the smartphone launches. The tech giant could be scrapping the Touch ID altogether in favor of the facial-scanning Face ID security system.

4. AirPods:
The tech giant is committed to making its phones completely wireless with the introduction of the lightning connected EarPods. This time around, the smartphone is most likely to come equipped with a set of wireless AirPods earphones instead of the standard set of wired Earpods. Looking to shop for the new iPhone 9 accessories? Then be sure to visit Griffin Technology to get maximum discount on all iPhone accessories.


5. Dual sim cards:
Apple has never built an iPhone with dual-SIM support in the past. It is likely that this year’s iPhone will the first ever to allow users to insert two SIM cards at a time. This rumor comes courtesy of a code that was discovered in the iOS 12 beta that referred to a second SIM. According to the Apple blog, the section of iOS 12 references a “Second SIM Status” and “Second SIM tray status”. This wouldn’t be the first time the company’s iOS software has revealed specs of unreleased products. In 2017, fans had discovered a separate graphical outlining of the unreleased iPhone X on the HomePod smart speaker.

6. Battery:
Apple’s smartphones have continually been shrinking in size which has more or less forced the company to come up with creative ways to install compact batteries that carry enough juice to power the device for a suitable amount of time. It seems very likely that Apple will build a brand new, custom-built chip on the new iPhone 9. Based on the current naming trend of the company, it could very likely be called the “Apple A12”. The new Apple A12 is likely to feature a number of battery and performance improvements. The current upgrade, the Apple A11 bionic boasts of two high-performance cores that are 25% faster than the previous A10 Fusion as per the Geekbench benchmark results.


7. USB-C charger:
Apple will be bundling up an 18-watt USB-C in the new iPhone 9. This move could potentially save owners as much as $70. Until now, the tech giant has charged a $49 for its aftermarket 29-watt fast charger and also an extra $19 for the USB-C lightning cable. The new iPhone 9 will come with all the required and necessary cables. The European Commission has already ensured that it will take measures to ensure harmonization with smartphone chargers which very much sounds right in the ballpark.

So there we have compiled all the intrinsic features of the iPhone 9 slated to release soon.