Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Coupons/Promo Codes & Discounts

1. What is an Online Coupon?

Online coupons are a set of alphabets or numbers that are used only over the Internet at e-retailers to help consumers receive a discount on a specific product or on the entire order value. Coupons are issued by manufacturers/stores/brands to give consumers immediate discounts on the purchase of the specified items, which may be virtually any product found in retail stores. These coupons are usually a combination of letters, numbers or any special characters. Consumers enter this coupon code on a site’s checkout page to avail a discount (such as a percentage off, free shipping or any other promotional offer) on their order(s).

NOTE: They are only valid online and not in any retail store. These are also known as promo codes, digital coupon, promotional code, e-coupon or voucher code.
2. How can I use coupons?

On any store coupon page at Frugaa – you have to click on the “SHOW COUPON CODE” button. We’ll copy the code for you and open the respective offer page on the store’s website. While you check out on the store’s website, paste the code in the promo/coupon code field and click on apply. Review your updated cart and final price to ensure it reflects the coupon savings.

NOTE: In some cases, a particular discount can be availed by going to a special offer page and doesn’t need a specific coupon code. In such cases, clicking on ‘SHOW COUPON CODE’ will automatically activate the offer and we’ll take you to the store’s specific offer page.
3. What if a coupon doesn’t work?

We make our best effort to ensure that all our coupons are tested and valid. However, there are certain situations which could lead to a non-working coupon code:

  1. A coupon code may be limited to one-time use per user.
  2. A coupon code might have a limited number of uses which causes it to expire before the set expiry date.
  3. Expiration of coupons earlier than the original expiration date.
  4. The participating vendor, merchant or store terminates the coupon without prior notification

In order to provide the most pleasant & satisfying experience to you, we at Frugaa, rely on your inputs using our rating and commenting systems. Every coupon can be rated and commented by any visitor and typically a non-working coupon would get a bunch of negative votes (or comments) with a few hours. Our system will automatically demote such coupons over time, but it should also help you identify and avoid them.

NOTE: It is important to note that we are not responsible for the accuracy of any coupons listed on our site. We rely on the individual merchants, vendors and stores to maintain the accuracy on these coupons. To learn more, please read our disclaimer.
4. Can I vote on a coupon?

Absolutely! You can use the rating buttons next to any coupon/offer on our site and use the appropriate thumbs-up or thumbs-down button to share your experience/rating. We strongly encourage you to use our rating and commenting system – as it helps us in taking out the bad coupons and improves the overall experience for you and other users.

5. How do I add a comment?

Just like the voting system, every coupon/offer on our site has a comment section – where you can share your experience by leaving a comment. We strongly encourage you to comment about your experience and help us improve our system with your valuable feedback. Remember that sharing your experience is a way to care about the community of other online shoppers. Typical comments include feedback like how much you saved on your order using this coupon, or simple appreciation on what you saved.

6. How do I find coupons for a specific store?

There are two ways you can find coupons for your favorite store.

  1. Using the coupon search box at the top-right section of any page on our site – you can search by store name, product name, specific deal/offer or coupon code.
  2. Using the Stores page and navigating to your favorite store.