3. What if a coupon doesn’t work?

We make our best effort to ensure that all our coupons are tested and valid. However, there are certain situations which could lead to a non-working coupon code:

  1. A coupon code may be limited to one-time use per user.
  2. A coupon code might have a limited number of uses which causes it to expire before the set expiry date.
  3. Expiration of coupons earlier than the original expiration date.
  4. The participating vendor, merchant or store terminates the coupon without prior notification

In order to provide the most pleasant & satisfying experience to you, we at Frugaa, rely on your inputs using our rating and commenting systems. Every coupon can be rated and commented by any visitor and typically a non-working coupon would get a bunch of negative votes (or comments) with a few hours. Our system will automatically demote such coupons over time, but it should also help you identify and avoid them.

NOTE: It is important to note that we are not responsible for the accuracy of any coupons listed on our site. We rely on the individual merchants, vendors and stores to maintain the accuracy on these coupons. To learn more, please read our disclaimer.

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