Frugaa Rewards – Information & FAQ’s

Why Join Frugaa Rewards?

It’s FREE, and takes only seconds to enroll.
You start earning points immediately, on your first visit.
You can claim gift cards of up to $50 using the points earned with our Frugaa Rewards program.

How Frugaa Rewards Work?

Earn points to unlock levels and badges as you Like, Tweet, Visit & Comment on! We have 30 levels in total which correspond to different point slabs. The more points you score, the higher levels you unlock. Start earning points now to unlock levels and grab your gift cards from Frugaa!

Frugaa Rewards

Gift Cards Denominations
  1. $10 Gift Card:
    You are eligible to win a $10 gift card on attaining the Skilled level.
  2. $25 Gift Card:
    Unlock the Virtuoso level and you get a gift card worth $25.
  3. $50 Gift Card:
    The best of all, a $50 gift card; all yours when you reach the Legend level.


How To Claim Your Gift Card?

When you have reached the required levels as specified above, please use the link below to register your gift card request.
Click Here to Claim Your Gift Card!

How to Redeem the Gift Card After Receiving It?

We will include gift cards to popular online stores and services from time to time. You can redeem the gift card during check out at the respective merchant site.