19. How can I cancel my order, return a product and/or request a refund?

The following section explains our cancellation, return and refund policy:

  1. You can cancel your order during the payment authorization phase or processing phase.
  2. To cancel your order, please contact our customer service by sending  an email to cancellation [at] frugaa.com.
    1. Please include your order number and a reason for cancellation.
    2. You will receive a full refund upon verification and confirmation from our customer service – within 48 hours.
  3. Once your order status has been updated to “completed” – you can’t cancel your order.
  4. Upon receiving your product shipment, if you wish to return your item – you can initiate an RMA (return merchandise authorization) request by sending an email to rma [at] frugaa.com.
    1. You would have to bear the return shipping costs for all returns.
    2. Information specific to each return will be provided by email in response to each RMA request.
    3. There will be a 25% restocking fee applied to all returns – the adjusted amount will be refunded in the form of store credit or coupon; usable for any purchase at Frugaa marketplace.
    4. Adjusted store credit refunds only apply to unopened products returned as-is. For any product that has been opened, no refunds of any form will be honored.
    5. The processing time for any RMA request is typically 10-15 business days.
  5. To learn more about our store credit coupon policy/terms, return policy, refund policy and cancellation policy – please read our terms & conditions.

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